Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Reaching New Readers Part 2- Paid Advertising

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  • Biggest and Best
  • Good for free or discount
  • Probably the only one that will directly pay for itself
  • Usually get a boost in other titles, especially if it's not book 1 of a series. 
  • Expensive. Cheaper for free, price goes up depending on genre and price point.
  • Difficult to get selected
 Getting selected:
  • The more reviews the better
  • Bundles better than single titles
  • Wide is better than KU
  • Free easier than discount?
  • Keep trying. Selections are seemingly arbitrary.
  •  Don't do it until you have 2-3 books in your catalog, otherwise you're wasting your visibility with no other books for the reader to buy. 

Bookbub Sponsored Ad
  • Works like Facebook ads- choose your target and pay for clicks
  • Seems best for free. 
  • Some results for 99 cents.
  • Not effective for full-price.
  • Good part of a launch strategy if launching at a discount.
  • Set a budget, know what you can afford to spend.

Other Newsletters
  • Lots of options
  • Most are not effective for anything other than free.
  • Can have some effectiveness if you stack them or if you just want to reach a few new readers.
  • Some only advertise Kindle books.
  • Easier to get accepted, especially if you're in KU.
  • Some have restrictions like: minimum number of reviews, only first book in series or standalone, only certain genres.

Newsletters to consider:

Freebooksy (great for free)
Robin Reads (also great for free)
Bknights (operates through Fiverr. Minimal results, but okay for the price.)
Booksends (some results for 99 cent books, good for free)
Kindle Nation Daily/Book Gorilla (not as effective as they once were, but okay)
Book Barbarian (SFF only, some restrictions. Okay results for the price.)

I know there are some effective Romance-only newsletters out there, but it's not my genre.
Lots of other bargain newsletters, but most are ineffective. Check the forums in places like Kboards, ask other authors about their experiences before spending your money.

Only for books you've published through your own KDP dashboard. Can't do it for books published by someone else.
Can have a sponsored ad, can have Amazon auto-select keywords, or you can choose your own keywords.
I prefer custom keywords, loaded down with titles and authors from the genres I'm targeting.
Can refine keywords and bid amounts on keywords based on their effectiveness.
Can have up to 1,000 keywords.
Pay for clicks.
Results are not huge put tend to pay for themselves.
Very much worthwhile, especially at launch.

Facebook Ads
Diminishing results
Targeting specific authors and vendors.
Pay by click.
I use them sparingly as a part of my overall strategy.
Mark Dawson is the expert.

On a budget?
If your budget is limited, AMS ads are great, as well as in inexpensive newsletter like Bknights.

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