Wood on Words Podcast

The Wood on Words Podcast: All Things Writing and Publishing!

  1. The Craft of Writing
  2. The Two Essential Traits 
  3. Paths to Publication 
  4. Reader Engagement 
  5. Newsletters and Mailing Lists
  6. Depression and the Writing Life
  7. Author Websites 
  8. Facebook Author Pages
  9. Writers and Self-Defeating Language 
  10. Virtual Book Launch Events 
  11. "Fair Compensation" for Your Writing 
  12. Street Team/ARC Groups
  13. Encourage a Young Writer Day  
  14. Writing is Not a Job 
  15. Beware of the Bitter Author 
  16. Best Practices 
  17. Pre-Publication Decisions
  18. Pre- and Post-Launch Checklist
  19. To Indie Press or Not to Indie Press? 
  20. Bestseller Charts and Sales Rankings 
  21. Reaching New Readers Part 1- Strategies and Practices 
  22. Reaching New Readers Part 2- Paid Advertising 
  23. 2016 Income Breakdown and Analysis 
  24. Six-Figure Authors 
  25. Don't Be That Guy 
  26. Promo Results 
  27. Generating Interest in an Older Series 
  28. Collaboration and the Indie Life with Sean Ellis and Nick Thacker 
  29. Writing While Traveling 
  30. Is it Censorship? 
  31. Hybrid Authors and Publishers 
  32. Publishing News and Notes 
  33. Finish What You Start 
  34. Are Contests Worthwhile? 
  35. Thrilling Fiction with Toby Neal 
  36. Writing Fantastic Fiction and Connecting with Readers with Karpov Kinrade 
  37. The Art and the Business with Russell Blake 
  38. Audio Success and More 
  39. Bootstrapping
  40. Sensitivity and Trying to Please Everyone 
  41. Making Sense of Dan Brown 
  42. Hybrid Publishing and Podcast Fiction with Paul E Cooley 
  43. SciFi Success with Terry Mixon
  44.  In it for the Long Haul with Joanna Penn
  45. The Benefits of Writing Longhand
  46. Horror and Short Fiction with William Meikle
  47.  Waiting for a Series to be Completed
  48. The State of Indie Publishing
  49. Author Earnings Report
  50. Writing Income Part 1
  51. Book Covers
  52. Keeping a Series Fresh
  53. Conventions and Author Networking with Alan Baxter
  54. Hitting the USA Today Bestseller List
  55. My Kindle Nightmare
  56. The World Does Not Owe us a Living Wage for our Art


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