Friday, January 26, 2018

49 Author Earnings Report


Non-Amazon retailers making changes

WalMart/Kobo team-up

Apple investing more into ebook sales 

Nook making changes, improving royalty rates for high-priced books

Google Play adding audiobooks

Author Earnings Report

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Last three quarters of 2017:
Online ebook sales: $1.3 billion
Online audiobook sales: $495 million
Online print sales:  $3.1 billion*

*Print figures are dramatically skewed by textbook sales, which tend to be priced in the hundreds of dollars and are required purchases for students.
*When nonfiction is removed, 70% of adult fiction sales are ebook or audiobook.

By genre:
90% of romance purchases are ebooks
75% of SciFi are ebook and audio

By month:
Audiobook sales showed little variation
Ebooks also showed little variation, with May and June being the lowest
Print sales were volatile. May-July was the lowest. High peak in August. Declining through November (though still higher than May-July) and rising again in December.

Sales breakdown:
Big 5: 25% of sales and 43% of dollars
Indie or indie press: 35.9% of sales and 25.3% of dollars
Amazon imprints: 9.8% of sales and 5.1% of dollars

Sales Growth:
Trade publishers grew by 1.1%
Indies grew by 2.1%

Ebook sales by genre (in millions):
Literature and Fiction 70
Romance 50
Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense 35
SciFi and Fantasy 19
Teen and Young Adult 7
*In terms of dollar per unit sold, Romance is well below the other categories.

Sales by price point:
$3.00-$3.99 is almost identical to $0- $0.99
$2.00-$2.99 next, closely followed by $4.00-$4.99
$9.00-$9.99 outsells the other categories

Top-selling ebook authors:
7 of the top 100 were indies
50 of the top 250 were indies
284 of the top 1,000 were indies
102 of the top 1,000 were published by Amazon imprints

*Many of the top-selling indies are new names. Many previous top-sellers aren't hitting the list.

The ebook market and audiobook market remain strong, but highly competitive.
There is still plenty of room for new authors to succeed and established authors to continue earning a solid income.

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