Thursday, April 26, 2018

54- Hitting the USA Today Bestseller List!

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Great list and analysis of recommended promo sites (by Nicholas Erik)

I am beyond excited to announce that I have finally hit the USA Today bestseller list! My book,
LOCH, came in at #114 for the week ending 4/22. (Good thing they don't cut it off at 100, huh?) When my friend Joanna Penn hit the USAT list, she did a helpful writeup of the strategies she used to get there so I thought I'd do the same.

I started by lining up a Bookbub ad. I was fortunate to get one on a Wednesday, early enough in the week to have the long tail sales count toward the USAT list, but not so early as to be overwhelmed by the Big 5 new releases that come out on Tuesdays.

USA Today's rankings cover a Monday-Sunday period, so my promo efforts ran throughout the week, beginning on Monday 4/16.

In order to be considered for the USAT list, a book must have at least 500 US sales with a store other than Amazon, so I targeted iBooks with one dedicated ad and one tweet.

The book I promoted was discounted (from $3.99) to $0.99. I had never done a promo on this particular title, so it was the first time that subscribers to the various lists were seeing it on sale.

I didn't really expect to hit the list. My intent was simply to stack a few promos and have a nice week of sales. I threw in the iBooks-specific ad simply because it's a good practice. Once I saw how well my Bookbub promo performed, I knew I had a chance. I could have done more/better things had I planned ahead and believed I had a chance.


Lowered the price to 99 cents on all ebook platforms. I really should have done this on Saturday since certain distributors (*cough* Nook *cough) can be slow about updating prices, but I had a brain cramp.

EReader News Today promo: $40
Bookbub CPC ad (iBooks US only) $99.99
AMS Ad (ran throughout the week) $13.77
Shared on Twitter

Bargain Booksy Promo: $55
Book Adrenaline Promo: $10
Emailed a segment of my mailing list.

Bookbub Sponsored Ad: $740
Manybooks Promo $29

Emailed the bulk of my mailing list
iBooks-specific tweet
Posted on my Facebook author page

Kindle Nation Daily "Fire eBook Of The Day" Promo $99.99

Booksends Promo: $40
Bookbub CPC ad (all major US vendors targeted) $200.93
Facebook Ad $99.84
Posted in a Kindle discount group on Facebook

Facebook Ad continued
"Last chance" tweet
"Last chance" post on my personal FB page
Posted in a readers' group on Facebook


Kindle: 201
D2D:  8

Kindle: 152
D2D:  18
Kindle: 3,606
D2D: 1,069

Kindle:  475
D2D: 301

Kindle: 172
D2D: 95

Kindle: 194
D2D: 71

Kindle: 140
D2D: 60

Kindle: 4,940 (US 4,206)
D2D: 1,622

Ads: 1428.52
Revenue: 2330.58
(Excluding Google Play and increased sales on other titles in the series.)

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