Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Greedy Authors?

In my circle of authors, we sometimes discuss the negative emails and comments we receive from readers. Again and again, no matter how low we price our books, how many we make permanently
free, how often we offer special discounts, we are accused of  "being greedy."

One of the oddities of today's publishing world is an author has a choice:

Your books can be available on all the various ebook platforms, and you get to enjoy nasty emails from readers who accuse you of being "greedy" because they can't borrow your books via the Kindle Unlimited program.


You can have content that's exclusive to Amazon (Kindle Unlimited, Kindle Worlds, Amazon publishing imprints) and enjoy nasty emails from readers who accuse you of being "greedy' for making the business decisions that will best support you and your family.


You can split the difference, have some exclusive content and some non-exclusive, and enjoy complaints from both sides.

Maybe the problem isn't with "greedy authors," but with readers who will drop $4 on a fast food meal or a cup of coffee, but balk at paying the same for an ebook?

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