Friday, February 9, 2018

50- Writing Income Part 1

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Kobo Writing Life coop for NetGalley

Audible releasing audiobook first

Authors still getting rank-stripped

Stupid Author Tricks:

-Tit for tat invitations to strangers

-Asking the distributor why your book isn't selling

-Not understanding how royalties work

Writing Income-Trad Pub:

Kameron Hurley's income report

-Very low income from trad-pub despite being well regarded
-Largest income from Patreon. Doing it in a way that requires lots of work. Could work smarter.
-Essentially making no money from indie. Doing it wrong and doesn't really care.
-Still has a day job due to insurance needs.

Jim Hines' income report

-Decent midlist income from tradpub sales
-Big dropoff from previous year, mostly due to working on books sold the previous year.
-Very little income from indie publishing

Tradpub is very difficult if you're not a top-tier bestsellere.

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