Thursday, October 26, 2017

40- Sensitivity and Trying to Please Everyone

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-Provide manuscript evaluation and feedback with respect to characters from underrepresented or marginalized groups.
-Identify inaccuracies in respect to the person/group about whom you are writing
-Provide feedback on the character
-Call attention to bias or negatively charged language
-Have areas of specialization
Listen to this fantastic episode of Ditch Diggers for more on this topic!

The American Heart kerfuffle.

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Given enough reach, some people will invariably hate or be offended by your work Law of Large Numbers
-330 million people on Twitter
-500 million tweets per day

What can a writer do?
-Read Writing the Other
-Avoid stereotypes.
-Don't simply write white people in masks, men with boobs, etc...
-Do your research. Don't assume what you "know" to be true is factual.
-Avoid the White Savior trope.
-Don't appropriate the stories of marginalized cultures.
-Get feedback.
-Do your best.

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