Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Working while Traveling

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I'm back! After a two-week trip, I'm home and sitting in front of my keyboard.

While on vacation, I did post a prerecorded podcast episode, but did not follow through with my plan to record another episode while on vacation.

I did, however, have more success on the writing front. In addition to taking care of publishing business as it arose, I did at least some writing every day. I wrote a 6,500-word story and several chapters on two works in progress. Some days I did very little, just a token 200 or so words to keep my streak alive, but I had plenty of days around 1,000 words.

A few takeaways on working while traveling:

  • I get an emotional lift from knowing that I at least did a little something every day, which allows me to enjoy my vacation more fully.
  • I don't need a vacation from my work. I love my work and seldom feel the need to take a break.
  • It takes less than ten minutes a day to write 200 words, so it's basically zero effort or commitment to do so.
  • It is possible to write when you're away from your regular work station. While on vacation, I wrote on the plane, in a moving vehicle (I wasn't driving), during commercial breaks while watching television, in a bookstore coffee shop, sitting on a bed... It was weird at first, and not my preferred way of writing, but as with most "writing blocks" it was really a matter of getting started.
  • Most of the reasons we "can't" write aren't truly "can'ts" but are "don't feel like its." Essentially procrastination and task avoidance.

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