Monday, June 20, 2016

Resurrect by Kane Gilmour

Resurrect is an action-adventure that follows hero Jason Quinn as he, along with Dr. Eva Rayjek, races to foil a madman's plot to topple the Catholic church and plunge the world into war.


In the 1850s, a madman proclaims himself the Son of God and raises an army, taking over half of China. A century and a half later, his descendent and legions of devoted followers plan to take over more than just China. 

When alpine engineer and mountaineer Jason Quinn, a man with a past mired in tragedy and violence, meets archeologist Dr. Eva Rayjek after a plane crash in the high Himalaya, neither of them are expecting wave after wave of Chinese assassins. Pursued to America, the frozen ice of the Gulf of Finland, and the heights of Hong Kong, Quinn and Eva connect her investigations with the machinations of charismatic shipping magnate and cathedral-builder, David Hong.

As a scheme to obtain a private audience with the Pope at the Vatican comes to fruition, Hong’s fanatical followers are preparing for global warfare. If Quinn fails to stop Hong’s plan, the entire Catholic Church just might crumble. 

My thoughts: 

Resurrect is teeming with action-adventure goodness: an intriguing historical mystery, a tough, resourceful hero, a dangerous villain, and a globe-hopping adventure filled with chases, escapes, and action to spare. Kane Gilmour has collaborated with and edited Jeremy Robinson and you can clearly see parallels in his solo work. The action is non-stop, and he even includes the Metal Storm weapons that are a favorite in the Chess Team books! The Clive Cussler influence is also evident (which I consider a very good thing.) The plot structure is much like that of a Dirk Pitt adventure, and Jason Quinn is reminiscent of Pitt, not only in his toughness and resilience, but in some of the little details as well.

Recommended if you enjoy authors like Cussler, Robinson, James Rollins, Andy McDermott, Sean Ellis, or David Golemon.

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